About Me

Hi I’m Lindsay Gurley,

I started Gurley Consulting for you. Yes, you; I am here to make your business dream become a reality.

Back in 2014 I began consulting but it was always here and there on the side. Over the past few years consulting has become more predominant in my work until I realized that helping others develop their marketing or business strategies was nearly all I did at my 9 to 5. At one point I realized that it took me under an hour to take a business from an idea to a full-fledged website complete with logo. So, I decided to start Gurley Consulting.

I firmly believe that business can save the world. I’m not talking about big corporations. I’m talking about your business creating jobs and a giving you a place to be happy. A job that provides for you and your employees.

Gurley Consulting is here to help you make decisions for your business. I am accustomed to working with people who are indecisive, and I’ve worked with plenty that just don’t know quite where to start. My goal is to get you going with branding, business development and an over all marketing strategy. I’m here because life is crazy, and you don’t have time to get the ball rolling on your own.

My business is here to empower you, I want to put the tools in your hands so that you can run the business that you want, the way you want.

Lindsay Gurley

Head Consultant